Monday, December 25, 2006

OK, so now I am just irritated! I have been looking for weeks for the Nintendo Wii. Why did'nt I look earlier you ask? Well, because I did not have an extra $250 laying around! And I can't afford to buy it from eBay because there are yahoos like this one. Give me a break! And it is people like this one who really really tick me off! That and the guy sitting on his couch surrounded by 13 Wii systems! Come on people, no wonder they are sold out! And then there is this idiot!

I have been calling and going into countless stores asking if they had the Wii in stock only to be told NO EVERYTIME! Oh a few times I was told, yes I had 5 yesterday and one person bought them all. ARGH! I have 5 kids who just want one and cant find it at retail price. Oh yeah I can find it on eBay for $500 and up, but not anywhere near retail! A lot of people are making a lot of money at the expense of a LOT of families and it makes me sick!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

My mom

Well, my mom is in the hospital. She went to the oncologist yesterday because she was sick and vomiting and generally feeling awful. She had chemo on Tuesday. Her oncologist sent her to the ER where they ran tests and ended up admitting her. The tests reveals that she has 3 lesions on her brain now as well as pancreatic problems related to her lung cancer. This afternoon when I first spoke to my step father I was just in shock. He told me that they thought it was pancreatitis. That is what my father died from when I was 7 months old. He was misdiagnosed and by the time they discovered what it was he was already in shock, so there was nothing they could do about it. Hearing my step father say that was not good, I can tell you that! I am torn, my husband has offered to drive us to Maryland. But that is a 2 day drive and with 5 kids and not much money it is just too much. My sister has promised to tell me if she thinks I need to come out. Of course I want to drop everything and just go, but that is not practical at all.

She should be able to go home tomorrow. They removed the tube from her nose that was removing the bile from her stomach (sorry so graphic) so she was able to eat some clear things this afternoon/evening and keep them down. They said if she does the same at breakfast they will send her home. She goes in for radiation on Tuesday morning. Her spirits are good and she sounded very good when she called me this evening. She called me because she knew I would be worried about hearing she had pancreatitis.

All of the things I have been worrying about the last few weeks are forgotten. I could care less that I was unable to find a few things on my kids lists and unable to afford a lot more! None of that matters now.

We pretty much have to drive to Maryland when we all go as a family because it is too pricey to fly and we still have to rent a van big enough to fit us all which is a lot of money too. No one in my family has an extra vehical big enough for us to borrow. Even if we take the train, which is not as cheap as I thought anyway, we would still have to rent a vehical because they dont have auto trains from Missouri to Maryland. Then there is the hotel stay somewhere between here and there (usually around Indiana or Ohio) . . .you get the picture. I will hopefully be able to go sometime in Janurary or February by myself. That would not be too bad if I buy plane tickets early enough.

Well, thanks for praying for my mom. There is a man at our church named Lee who has the same cancer. His spread to his brain several months ago and he is not doing well at all. He can't drive anymore and is having balance issues and has fallen a few times. He is a young (under 50) father of 6 and is expecting his second grandbaby in May.

We are all recovering from sickness here, bronchitis, ear infections, upper respitory stuff etc and I started my natural hormone therepy this week too.

Monday, December 11, 2006

While talking after dinner together about Christmas and the fact that there is no Santa, our son looks at my husband and says, "Your an elephant!". Now my husband and I are both overweight so we thought it was a commentary on our size. We asked him what he meant and he said, "well, you said that you helped Santa so you are elves and your also parents, so your Elfhants!" We started cracking up. . .

Sunday, December 10, 2006

quick update

Been crazy busy between the PTA, RIF, overflowing kitchen sink, home stuff and of course lets not forget the broken thumb by my son, the stomach bug that I picked up and now the cold that I managed to get as well. NEVER a dull moment! Got to get the kiddos ready for church.