Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Worst Barbie Commercial Ever!!!

OMG. . .that is just funny!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Well, it has been a bit since I have updated this blog so here goes. . .here is whats going on in my life. . .in no particular order. . . . .
  • Lee Taylor died this past week after a LONG battle with the same cancer my mother died from 6 months ago, I attended his memorial last night
  • I started a new job with my youngest 2 kids school
  • This past Sunday we hosted a pool party for all 5 of my kids friends and families at our local pool. Lots of food and CAKE and then like a TOTAL IDIOT, I let 6 EXTRA children sleep over at my house! They stayed up past 4 am, I had to be up for work at 6 am.
  • The lifeguards at the pool party saw lightening. . .so they removed everyone for the last hour of the rented time. So we were still there eating and talking but not swimming and since we got kicked out because of weather I get half of my money back! SWEET!
  • I have been running around trying to price things, solicit donations and generally plan a lot of things for Back to School night and school in general
  • My FIL fell the other evening and has been in the hospital . . .they believe he has cancer of the upper spine. He will be 85 next month
  • I found out one of my duties at the school, in addition to watching over recess and lunch is the change the sign out in front of the school. (IT IS REALLY REALLY HOT here. . .so I created a paper template and I do most of the work INSIDE where the AC is, then spend about 5 minutes putting up BOTH sides when I am outside. . .Work smarter. . .not harder I say. . .LOL)
  • Who knew getting hired at a school meant so much paper work. . .background checks, finger prints. . .but , oddly enough I never had to pee in a cup. . .
  • I kicked my kids off of my computer. . .they kept infecting it with spy wear! Now they have to use our "old" ones . . .poor babies. . .NOT!
  • I just finished cleaning up my room somewhat. . .now the door will stay locked so the kids cant make a mess of it!
  • For the sleep over Sunday I dragged a king size mattress up the stairs with a little help from my son and his friend
  • Our basement and garage and some of my FIL's bathroom leaked. . .argh! But our insurance responded quickly!
  • I got my second of 5 shots in my knee for OA. . .OUCH! It only lasts about 5 to 10 seconds. . .but it feels like he hits the bone. . .yikes!
  • So much more. . .but I am tired. . .and I have another meeting tomorrow and hopefully my FIL will come home tomorrow too. . .LOTS to do still. . .

Sunday, August 05, 2007

You know your a parents when. . .

You go to pour yourself a bowl of cereal (because it is the ONLY sweet thing left in the house. . .) and you find that someone has taken all of the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms box! But you find that there are no more unopened boxes so you pour your bowl and grab the milk. . .there is enough left for a spoonful maybe! Welcome to parenthood. . . Maybe I should skip the snack and log onto my computer. . .But wait. . .my almost 14 year old daughter is on my computer because the other 3 computers we have in the house. . .(in her words) SUCK! My younger two boys are still finding excuses to be out of bed, even though I put them to bed over an hour and a half ago. One wanted help lacing his new Chuck Taylors (thanks to TAX FREE weekend and an insurance check. . .) while the other complained of bleeding. (Nevermind the fact that he is squeezing an old cut to make it bleed. . .)AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH, parenthood! Why did I want to do this again? I know I complain a lot, but it is not all bad. I just can't seem to think of anything good right now! I guess I am not in the right frame of mind. Too much to do before school starts, and being the PTA president I am responsible for a lot of it. Like making a bulletin board for the front hallway. Does not sound too bad, right? well, I have to do that as well as getting kids ready, going to orientation for the job at the school that I accepted (yippee!!!!!), writing the newsletter, planning the first PTA meeting, writing the newsletter, getting ready for Back to school night, and so much more I can't even remember. . .and all I want to do is go to bed with my husband. . .if only those dang kids would go to sleep already!!!!!!!!!!!!