Monday, July 31, 2006

I just went bananas. . .literally!

I do not know why it is, but I am VERY particular about my bananas! I like them yellow with NO brown spots and a fair amount of green still. I do not like my bananas to be handled too much either. So anyway my 9 year old dd wakes up after 11 am and during the summer the rule is, you wake up after 11 am and you wait until lunch to eat. There are several reasons for this
  1. My FIL also eats with us and we have to eat around the same time every day
  2. with 5 kids we have to "shut down" the kitchen sometime!
  3. If they eat breakfast late, then they will eat lunch late, then they will not be hungry for dinner as a family.
  4. The kitchen would always be messy if they could just eat whenever. . .

So she askes me if she can have some cinn toast waffles and I told her no. She was not happy at all, so I said you can have a banana they are on the COUNTER. Does she get one off the counter? No, she gets one from on top of the fridge. The ones I bought for ME! Do I sound selfish, you bet! I have to be around here! I am trying to loose weight so I buy things that will help me get to my goal. Things like Sonic Route 44 Ice water (crushed ice. . .) or Quick Trips Crushed ice water too. Buying this water helps me not buy COKE. I will drink the water when it is cold the way I like it, yes I do drink cold ice water from home too, but I prefer the others. The Sonic one costs me $1 which includes a tip for the roller skating chick who brings it out to me and the QT one is free bc I already have the cup. I cant get my kids to leave my water alone though! I am trying to drink it and even keep track, but my kids keep drinking it! Same goes for my yogurt. I buy the Yoplait Custard style yogurt so I can grab one on way to Curves, cause I do not want to have a full breakfast before I work out. They eat those too! Or like yesterday, they stick a spoon in it and leave it in the livingroom all day (while we were getting the mattress) without even eating it! I threw a whole uneaten one away last night.

So she not only gets my bananas from on top of the fridge she bruises the remaining ones while doing it! That was it! I threw the rest of the bunch across the kitchen into the wall! Talk about going bananas! I totally lost it! Me thinks that PMS may be playing a factor here too. . .hmmmm. . .could be. We will have to see. No worries, though, I have already apoligized to her and the others about my tantrum and subsequent 10 minute tirade about MY STUFF!!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The saga of the New Mattress. . .

Well, we finally did it! We went out and purchased a new king size mattress today. We might finally get rid of our old new one! Let me explain. A year and a half ago my husband and I were out shopping around for a new mattress so we were trying them out etc so that we would know what we wanted WHEN we could afford it. . .So, I being the loving wonderful wife that I am decided to surprise my husband with the mattress that he liked for his birthday. No problem, right? Yes, the furniture store credit card rate is way too high. . .but he is worth it!

I guess I should also tell you that the bed we were getting rid of because he hated it, was the famous "Sleep Number" bed. Only we got it before it was digital, so it just has a rocker control for more or less air. This bed was a gift from my MIL, and to save money she bought 2 extra long twins for us to put side by side. . .I think it might have been her way of trying to get us to stop having sex and making babies. . .but I digress. . .Anyway, we used the sleep number bed for awhile, but he hated it because he felt like he was on a bubble all the time. he liked to have his pumped up all the way, while I prefered to have mine like a hammock with almost no air it it. . .LOL. Lets just say it made any bedroom recreation "interesting"! So the girls got the sleep number beds and I bought the really expensive top of the line bed that I thought was the one my husband liked!

They delivered the bed and when they put it in I swear to you it was almost too high for our bed frame! There was no way he was gonna miss that! I thought it would be fun to see how long it would take him to "notice" the new bed. No question of that now, my youngest son was barely visible when he stood next to the bed! Well, apparently it was not the bed he wanted and he HATED this one too. So the next morning we called the place right when they opened to tell them we hated the bed. Too bad they said, you slept on it. I was like, we have had it for less then 10 hours and we paid $1400 for it! Too bad still they said. OUCH!!!!

So we tried it for a few more days then we made a nice empty spot for it in the garage so we could use our Sleep number bed again. A few attempt sell the bed on eBay failed miserably as did 2 garage sales attempts. Can you say LOCAL PICK UP ONLY? I lost count of how many times I emailed IDIOTS on eBay telling them NO I would NOT ship this HUGE freaking bed cross country! DUH!!! I even had one bright user who Bought it Now about 4 hours before the auction was to end, and I had several people bidding. She emailed me the next day. I accidentally pressed Buy it Now she said, I am sorry I did not mean to. Thanks lady, my bidders are LONG GONE, eBay has already collected their fees based on a $1200 sale!, and you accidentally clicked something! More like you did it on purpose and then told your husband who said no or something. She even tried to blame it on her kids! Good grief! Anyone who has used eBay knows you cant accidentally Buy it Now! You have to like triple confirm it etc. ARGH!!!

Then the bed came back to our room only this time the memory foam topper was placed down, next to the box springs so that the unfinished bottom was now what we slept against. Good thing we had a foam egg crate type topper! Oh yeah and since this thing was so high. . .18 inches to be exact, I had to buy special sheets to fit it. . .they cost $60!

Oh the pure JOY of cringing everytime I heard my husband complain about "the bed". I would just think, I am such an idiot, I will NEVER surprise him ever ever ever again! Each comment was a reminder of how stupid of me it was to buy the bed and try to surprise him. There were so many times I wanted to take up smoking (which I HATE) just to "fall asleep" on the bed. . .

This afternoon we borrowed our neighbors van because the church is using ours for the youth mission trip which is okay considering our oldest dd is there too. So we figured we would just slip the king size mattress on top of the seats and drive home. We called several places in between looking at several places and Big Lots had 3 promising ones and all 3 area Big Lots that I called told me their return policy on mattresses was 30 days with receipt! Great! No lemons this time! So we drive way out to Kansas from Missouri (okay it was like 20 miles. . .) in the swealtering heat ( it was over 100 today!). We look at the mattresses and showthe guy the one we want to buy. He was like okay, lets ring it up! I mentioned something about the 30 day return policy and he says, "What! Not on mattresses! No returns!" Of course I am ticked now, cause 20 minutes ago someone from THIS STORE ( as well as 2 others) told me there was a 3o day return policy. He tries to argue with me then he says let me get the manager. I had to walk away I was so mad! My husband dealt with it and he told the manager that he needed to get his policies straight and not mislead costomers like that. He ended up giving us the 30 day policy even though apparantly they have NEVER had one at all. hmmm?! So we told him, look if you want us to keep it in the plastic we will. Great he says! So off to the full size van to slip the mattress in. . .

Yeah, about that! Well apparently that thing did not want to be slipped in! We had to bend, push, pull, poke, prod, squeeze, man handle, and SHOVE the stupid thing in there! AND we had to unhook the seats and move them forward some! After getting the back doors closed ( amazingly! ). We went home and moved the old expensive surprise upside down reminder of what an idiot you are bed back to the garage so we could put the new 30 day return with reciept just for us please be comfortable so we can forget "THE BED" mattress in place! As we tried to extricate said new mattress from the van on of the handles ripped off! (good thing it has a 30 day return policy AND a 10 year warranty!) ARGH!!!! We finally managed to get the thing out of the van and get it up the stairs and on the bed with our killing anyone! WHOOT!

So, now as I write this the naked new bed is staring at me waiting to have fresh sheets put on it. Lets just hope this thing is comfortable, cause I am DONE buying new mattresses for the rest of my lifetime! I will be sure to let you know if 1) more idiots want me to ship the old mattress to Alaska 2) we actually make any money from it at ALL 3) We decide to burn it or Freecycle it. . .anyone want to roast some marshmallows????

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Well I guess since I am listening to Family Life Today from last week where they are talking about understanding your husband I will talk about marriage today.

I have been in a rut I guess in my marriage. We both know things need to be better, but neither one of us wants to do the WORK to get there. There are plenty of things we know we are doing "wrong", the biggest one being not praying together on any kind of regular basis. I know this make a difference but I dont push for it. Another area that we are lacking is in our communication. We have too many breakdowns in our communication where he hears something different then I said and vice versa. Part of that is because we have different Love Languages. I am acts of service and he is words of affirmation. There are SO many times when I wish we would have a translator available when we have a conversation.

Right now one of the MANY books I am reading is Motivating Your Man God's Way and it talks about Unconditional Respect for you husband and I have to admit it is SO hard for me to have unconditional respect first and second to understand how much he NEEDS it from me. When I am not getting loved in the way I want I dont feel like doing what I know I should do as far as taking care of him the way I know he needs. One of the things that I need is to feel cherished and I do not always feel that from Ralph. I feel like an after thought more often then a desireable woman. I will freely admit that is is hard for me to give unconditonal respect and love to my husband when I do not feel like he cares for me.

Monday, July 24, 2006

My thoughts, like my life, are jumbled and chaotic right now. . .got so much on my mind and I am not physically able to do much at all. today it was a migraine. But I did manage to go to Curves and when I got home I cleaned out our van because the pastor is using it for the youth missions trip to Minneapolis this friday. He came this morning and got the oil changed for it.

I asked my kids to help out by doing the 2 chores they each have assigned. . .they did not. While I took a nap they played and made a big mess. So when I get up and try to start dinner I have a mess to work around. ARGH. Frustrating. I want to be able to do my room and keep up with the laundry. Their dad told them (the boys) to clean their room today. Well at around 5:30 when I got up they started when I reminded them to. Now my hallway is a mess with all the stuff they threw there. . .

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Went to Curves this morning. . .now off to take my father in law to doctor! It is gonna be HOT HOT HOT here today, heat index upwards of 115 but possibly 125!!!! We are staying in after the doctors appointment!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

waiting for the kids to go to sleep. . .so I can wake up my husband.

Our oldest dd is mortified that we actually have sex! She even asked us if we could stop doing "it" until she left the house, to which we replied, "Sure, you leaving now. . .?" No really we did'nt and we did'nt even laugh out loud ( in front of her) we just calmly explained that it was normal for her to be grossed out by the thought of us having sex. . .heck I am still grossed out at the thought of my parents having sex! That is normal, God does not want you thinking about other people having sex, He wants you to actually have it. . .with your spouse. Not your sig other, not your partner, not your boyfriend or girlfriend, your lawfully wedded husband or wife. I know not everyone agrees with me about that and your entitled to think what you want.

So anyway we are trying really hard to be sensitive to her needs. . .but it ain't easy! Heck it ain't easy just trying to have sex with 5 kids in the house. . .esp in summer when they think they can stay up all night! We started locking our door years ago once our youngest was about 3 and did not need us in the night. They all know they can knock if they need anything. Our dd tried to make a deal with us, she said would you at least come make sure I am asleep before you do anything?

Yeah right, like thats gonna work!

(me queitly going into her room to see if she is asleep then hitting my foot on any number of things on her floor)

"What are you doing in here, mom?"

"Nothing just seeing if you were asleep"

"EWWWWWW, Gross! Your a sicko!"

OH, yeah that is a great way to get in the mood!!!!! NOT!!!

Well, I do not care if she is asleep or not, the door is locked and I am in the mood!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

roasted marshmallows. . . .

mmmmmmmmmmmm we just roasted marshmallows on a stick using a can of Sterno on the kitchen counter. . . .mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I burned mine. . . mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Time to myself. . .

I almost forgot what that felt like, time to myself! My husband took the kiddos to the pool for "night swim" tonight and I opted to stay home since I am having some pain from my cyst. Why is it when I actually get time to myself, I spend the majority of it trying to figure out WHAT I should do with it?

I started trying to figure out how to make a DVD copy from our video camera. . .could not figure that out so I watched a bit of Project Runway, because the tv was already on. Then I decided I better take a shower. . .since I have been trying to do that all day! I went to Curves this morning with my daughter and came home and got busy doing chores that have piled up while I was feeling bad. Then I worked a bit on the PTA newsletter. . .and a LOT on looking at other peoples blogs. I like the next blog button, I am hooked!

Besides the fact that I stink from going to the gym, I also wanted to look presentable to my husband when he came home. I think it is important to at least try to look good for him when he comes in after a long day in the trenches. (Of course there is only so much I can do with this fat sloppy body. . .but I try). My motivation for going Curves, besides being able to play softball again with out dropping dead, is to be sexy for my husband again. I dont have a specific weight I want to get to. . .just not enough to be 2 people, which is where I am now. It is a great thing that I am tall! I have everyone fooled, oh, not that I am fat. . .that is obvious! But everytime I go to the doctors office and there is a new nurse or something (one that does not look at my previous weight. . .DUH!) they start out at 150! Yeah RIGHT! I wish! So I keep pointing toward the right to indicate, nope it is more so they move it to 200. . .this goes on way too long for my taste! And the nurse is always surprised at how fat I actually am.

Now dont get me wrong. . . I am NOT saying you cant be fat and sexy. . .but it is harder considering the clothes that they make for fat people are BUTT UGLY ( most of the time) or way way over priced! And forget finding sexy lingere! It practically does not exsist! It is harder to find then big womans maternity clothes. Because apparently we are too fat to have sex or babies! This is something that really ticks me off! Big woman want to look good too!

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Turning Tricks with Lynx6: "MiniM: 'Dianne, you eat like a bird!'

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THAT so SO FUNNY!!!!!!!! Good for a monday morning laugh!


Bush uses colorful language

So what the president said SHIT! Who cares? Must be a slow news day.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

That's what you should name your blog. . .

So I am talking to my husband about the crap the kids are doing and he acts surprised and I say "Welcome to my world" like I often do in situations like this. And get this, he says that is what you should name you blog. . .
This is SO FUNNY! I stumbled across this and laughed so hard. . . Death by Spatula

Friday, July 14, 2006

Drinking problem. . .

Well this morning I was scheduled to have (another!) sonogram. . .and NO, I am NOT PREGNANT! That would be a miracle given the fact that my dh had his you know what snipped after baby number 5! No I am having female "issues" and had another sono scheduled. But of course before I could go to the sono I had to drink a GUT load full of H20! I also had to drive my oldest dd to her job where she is making money for her mission trip this summer. Her job is about 25 minutes away and she had to be there at 8 am. So we left early. Oh, yeah I also had a dr appointment after the sono so I had to be fasting too!

I dont know about you, but for me it is hard to drink 32 ounces of water in less then an hour. . .when I am not doing anything but driving! If I were out in the heat or at Curves or eating. . .maybe, but just sitting, no way! So I HAD to drink because the last time I had a sono at the same place I did not drink enough. . .and the tech was not too happy so she made me drink a huge cup of lukewarm, doctors office tap water! GROSS! I was NOT doing that again! So my goal was 2 16.somthing ounce bottles of ice cold bottled water before my appointment. So I played a drinking game. . . .I made myself start drinking at every exit ramp and not stop until I hit the on ramp. This worked great! I downed those bottles of water like I was in a desert or something. Of course that coupled with the fact that I had not eaten anything yet, made me nauseous. . .yippee!

So I get to the sono and do all that fun stuff and when the tech asked me to empty my bladder so she can do the vaginal sonogram (oh what FUN!) I asked for a cup so that I could have a sample for the doctor cause I knew he needed one. She informs me that they don't have them because they don't do labs. Great, now I just hope I will be able to pee in that stupid cup in like 20 minutes after I empty my bladder. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. The tech told me she thought it would be no problem because she could tell I still had water on its way to my bladder. . .

Okay so done with the sono and on to the next set of people who want to poke and prod my nether regions. . .As I drive the 1 and 1/2 miles to the drs office I see a strange site on the side of the road, and not sure whether it is the lack of food and excessive amounts of water I shake my head a bit. Yes, I really do see her! It is Wendy! Or a petite young woman in a red wig and a blue gingham dress who LOOKS LIKE Wendy, holding a "We Serve Breakfast" sign. Weird!

First place I go when I get to the dr is the restroom so I can fill that cup. . .that water went straight through me! No, I mean literally it did. When I went to put the cap on the cup I was shocked! It looked exactly like it did going it. No kidding! I told the lab tech when I gave it to her, I swear I peed in that cup, really!

As I am waiting to have blood drawn, I notice a woman who is obviously about 9 months pregnant waiting as well. As I browsed through a magazine from 4 years ago I could see her trying to get comfortable in those wonderful drs office chairs. Just as she gets comfy and sits back they call her name. She manages to get up and waddles past me. About a minute later she walks past again, this time with a small bottle of the sickly sweet red drink she needs to down for her gestational diabetes test. Just the thought of it brought back memories of the many I had to do during my 5 pregnancies! EWWWW, makes me sick just thinking about it. Of course I am expecting this woman to slowly try to down her drink. Nope, no sooner had she sat down, she got up and said to the nurse. "All Done!" She even sounded like she enjoyed it! I am amazed at this womans capacity for such a disgusting thing. I mean I wanted to give her the high five or something!

More fun as I get pap, pelvic and breast exam! Yippee. As I leave the doctors office I pull into Wendy's and get some breakfast. It was not bad.

During this whole thing I have been fighting the feeling that I have had for the past 2 weeks. . .it goes something like this. . ."you know you want a Coke. Buy a Coke, ice cold you know you want it. . .come on, its been so long. . . blah blah blah". this is annoying because I had kicked the habit until we went on vacation to visit family. Okay driving 1100 miles to see family in a van with 5 kids, a kidney stone, menstrual cramps, a migraine, and being on a diet. I had no chance! So I caved. not too much, just a few while on vacation, mainly while driving and defiantly anytime I knew I was going to see my MIL! But then when I got back I was good, I started going to curves again and stopped getting any Coke. Until last night. . .I bought 2, one for last night and one for today. They were so good. . .so were the 2 I bought today. . .one is still calling me from the fridge. . .

Welcome to my (crazy) world!

Welcome to my (crazy) world!
I am new to this and am not sure what I am doing and how this will appear so this is a test message. . .

Is this thing on. . .

pst pst pst. . .is this thing on. . .pst pst pst. . .

More later. . .playing with my husband now. . .

We are playing City of Heros. . .

did that link work???