Monday, July 24, 2006

My thoughts, like my life, are jumbled and chaotic right now. . .got so much on my mind and I am not physically able to do much at all. today it was a migraine. But I did manage to go to Curves and when I got home I cleaned out our van because the pastor is using it for the youth missions trip to Minneapolis this friday. He came this morning and got the oil changed for it.

I asked my kids to help out by doing the 2 chores they each have assigned. . .they did not. While I took a nap they played and made a big mess. So when I get up and try to start dinner I have a mess to work around. ARGH. Frustrating. I want to be able to do my room and keep up with the laundry. Their dad told them (the boys) to clean their room today. Well at around 5:30 when I got up they started when I reminded them to. Now my hallway is a mess with all the stuff they threw there. . .

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