Tuesday, July 18, 2006

waiting for the kids to go to sleep. . .so I can wake up my husband.

Our oldest dd is mortified that we actually have sex! She even asked us if we could stop doing "it" until she left the house, to which we replied, "Sure, you leaving now. . .?" No really we did'nt and we did'nt even laugh out loud ( in front of her) we just calmly explained that it was normal for her to be grossed out by the thought of us having sex. . .heck I am still grossed out at the thought of my parents having sex! That is normal, God does not want you thinking about other people having sex, He wants you to actually have it. . .with your spouse. Not your sig other, not your partner, not your boyfriend or girlfriend, your lawfully wedded husband or wife. I know not everyone agrees with me about that and your entitled to think what you want.

So anyway we are trying really hard to be sensitive to her needs. . .but it ain't easy! Heck it ain't easy just trying to have sex with 5 kids in the house. . .esp in summer when they think they can stay up all night! We started locking our door years ago once our youngest was about 3 and did not need us in the night. They all know they can knock if they need anything. Our dd tried to make a deal with us, she said would you at least come make sure I am asleep before you do anything?

Yeah right, like thats gonna work!

(me queitly going into her room to see if she is asleep then hitting my foot on any number of things on her floor)

"What are you doing in here, mom?"

"Nothing just seeing if you were asleep"

"EWWWWWW, Gross! Your a sicko!"

OH, yeah that is a great way to get in the mood!!!!! NOT!!!

Well, I do not care if she is asleep or not, the door is locked and I am in the mood!!!

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