Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Well I guess since I am listening to Family Life Today from last week where they are talking about understanding your husband I will talk about marriage today.

I have been in a rut I guess in my marriage. We both know things need to be better, but neither one of us wants to do the WORK to get there. There are plenty of things we know we are doing "wrong", the biggest one being not praying together on any kind of regular basis. I know this make a difference but I dont push for it. Another area that we are lacking is in our communication. We have too many breakdowns in our communication where he hears something different then I said and vice versa. Part of that is because we have different Love Languages. I am acts of service and he is words of affirmation. There are SO many times when I wish we would have a translator available when we have a conversation.

Right now one of the MANY books I am reading is Motivating Your Man God's Way and it talks about Unconditional Respect for you husband and I have to admit it is SO hard for me to have unconditional respect first and second to understand how much he NEEDS it from me. When I am not getting loved in the way I want I dont feel like doing what I know I should do as far as taking care of him the way I know he needs. One of the things that I need is to feel cherished and I do not always feel that from Ralph. I feel like an after thought more often then a desireable woman. I will freely admit that is is hard for me to give unconditonal respect and love to my husband when I do not feel like he cares for me.

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