Monday, July 31, 2006

I just went bananas. . .literally!

I do not know why it is, but I am VERY particular about my bananas! I like them yellow with NO brown spots and a fair amount of green still. I do not like my bananas to be handled too much either. So anyway my 9 year old dd wakes up after 11 am and during the summer the rule is, you wake up after 11 am and you wait until lunch to eat. There are several reasons for this
  1. My FIL also eats with us and we have to eat around the same time every day
  2. with 5 kids we have to "shut down" the kitchen sometime!
  3. If they eat breakfast late, then they will eat lunch late, then they will not be hungry for dinner as a family.
  4. The kitchen would always be messy if they could just eat whenever. . .

So she askes me if she can have some cinn toast waffles and I told her no. She was not happy at all, so I said you can have a banana they are on the COUNTER. Does she get one off the counter? No, she gets one from on top of the fridge. The ones I bought for ME! Do I sound selfish, you bet! I have to be around here! I am trying to loose weight so I buy things that will help me get to my goal. Things like Sonic Route 44 Ice water (crushed ice. . .) or Quick Trips Crushed ice water too. Buying this water helps me not buy COKE. I will drink the water when it is cold the way I like it, yes I do drink cold ice water from home too, but I prefer the others. The Sonic one costs me $1 which includes a tip for the roller skating chick who brings it out to me and the QT one is free bc I already have the cup. I cant get my kids to leave my water alone though! I am trying to drink it and even keep track, but my kids keep drinking it! Same goes for my yogurt. I buy the Yoplait Custard style yogurt so I can grab one on way to Curves, cause I do not want to have a full breakfast before I work out. They eat those too! Or like yesterday, they stick a spoon in it and leave it in the livingroom all day (while we were getting the mattress) without even eating it! I threw a whole uneaten one away last night.

So she not only gets my bananas from on top of the fridge she bruises the remaining ones while doing it! That was it! I threw the rest of the bunch across the kitchen into the wall! Talk about going bananas! I totally lost it! Me thinks that PMS may be playing a factor here too. . .hmmmm. . .could be. We will have to see. No worries, though, I have already apoligized to her and the others about my tantrum and subsequent 10 minute tirade about MY STUFF!!

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