Thursday, August 03, 2006

update on the craziness. . .

Selling the BED! Have had a few bites already! Thanks Jody for telling me about it! Had to take 2 vicodin today for pain from my cyst. So I spent the afternoon stoned. Did not get much done. Maybe tomorrow. . .lol! Went to Target to get my son a present for his friends bday party and say a TON of signs everywhere for the Tax Free sales. So I thought, I should go ahead and get some school supplies for my older 2 kids (the younger 3 just have to bring in $$- YEAH!!). So I got the lists out and got most of the stuff on the list. When I was checking out I asked the lady if the stuff would automatically ring up without tax. She tells me it starts TOMORROW! WHAT, then why do you have signs everywhere!?!?! I took the stuff to the customer service and had it voided. They are holding it until tomorrow when the tax free holiday actually starts! ARGH! Talk about annoying!

Oh, well, not much else going on here. . .kids still driving me bonkers. They are bored and esp on a day like today when I do not feel well it is hard to keep them occupied. I was about to type happy, but that would just be crazy! I cant keep them happy. . .at least not all at once! I am always making someone upset!

I had to put the picture of my washer and dryer. . . cause this month is Laundry month on Flylady. We are encouraged this month to start the habit of keeping our laundry under control. I have to say since I got these machines it has been a LOT easier! But it does not take much to get behind around here though, esp if I feel bad.

I am thinking of working on clearing the CRAP from the kiddos rooms tomorrow. they are really BAD now and I need to help them clear out the clutter. It might be nice for Catherine to come home to a cleaner room too!

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