Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Trying to get back to "normal"

Oldest dd is back home now, my body is (almost) done rebelling for the month, and the weekend is over. . .so it is back to "normal" around here. . .whatever that is!

My life is not my own. I have so many people who rely on me to do things for them, my husband, my 5 kids, my FIL (who lives in our basement), my church, my friends, my kids schools. . .and tomorrow I have to go to Curves before I go to my weekly bible study. The one with the book that i have not even OPENED this week. I have walked past it many times and said, later when I have time. or thought about it when I was running past it on my way to the bathroom to throw up... but I have not actually picked it up, opened it and read it! Of course, my first thought is to just make an excuse and not go. I have the perfect excuse, the ladies know I am recovering from my awful weekend. But there are only 3 of us and we have committed to helping each other get in shape and to encouraging each other. And of course there is also the fact that my WHOLE house is in shambles after me being sick this weekend. I "should" be here cleaning and making sure the kiddos dont destroy the house while I am at bible study. That too is an excuse. . .

So I will go, and I know that I will be blessed and I will try (again!) this week to actually do the bible study. Right now as I glance on my bedside table I see various other books that also need my attention. . .Motivating Your Man God's Way, The Wounded Woman, This Love We Share, Adolescence Isn't Terminal, Sometimes I feel Like Running Away from Home, Winning your Husband Back before its too Late, . . .and those are the ones on TOP of the bedside table. . . There are more in the drawer, and more in the closet on a shelf, and more in the living room in a pretty basket. . .I am pathetic! Good thing I did not buy these... I got all but one on Paper Back Book Swap! Oh, yeah, I have 3 or so waiting for me at the library too. . .

I guess I know what I will be doing when I am recovering from surgery next month! Catching up on some reading! And Bible study too! Life That Wins is the one we are doing now.

Well, I am off to bed, might actually try to read before I sleep. . .maybe not. . .I am too tired to figure out what to read! ( Oh, I also forgot the pile in the "library" or throne room as my husnand likes to call it. . .)

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