Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tired of being tired. . .and sick of being sick. . . .

That is the story of my life recently. I have not felt like doing ANYTHING at all. I am either so tired or so sick. . .or both! I have no energy or motivation to do things. I think I might have gotten strep from my son. ARGH! Today when the kids left for the bus, I straightened up the kitchen started the dishwasher and went back to bed! When I got up (again) my throat hurt so I made some soup and ate it while I worked on the computer. I was trascribing notes I had taken the other day when I helped my FIL lower his 5 credit card bills. That took awhile. Then the kids came home and I did the afternoon stuff with them. Then made dinner, then crashed again on the couch. . .After awhile I managed to get up and help kids with evening things while cleaning up some of my room. Why does my room always get to be such a mess!?

It is so frustrating! Trying to get it clean so that it stays that way! There is so much I need and want to do and I just dont feel like it. I barely manage to get the basics done everyday! Annoying.

I feel so disconnected from everything and everyone. my kids seem to be especially needy. Why is it that they can tell when I am not up to par and that is when they seem to be the worst behaved? I am not looking forward to my surgery this coming week. I just hope they can at least cut me some slack for that.

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