Friday, July 14, 2006

Drinking problem. . .

Well this morning I was scheduled to have (another!) sonogram. . .and NO, I am NOT PREGNANT! That would be a miracle given the fact that my dh had his you know what snipped after baby number 5! No I am having female "issues" and had another sono scheduled. But of course before I could go to the sono I had to drink a GUT load full of H20! I also had to drive my oldest dd to her job where she is making money for her mission trip this summer. Her job is about 25 minutes away and she had to be there at 8 am. So we left early. Oh, yeah I also had a dr appointment after the sono so I had to be fasting too!

I dont know about you, but for me it is hard to drink 32 ounces of water in less then an hour. . .when I am not doing anything but driving! If I were out in the heat or at Curves or eating. . .maybe, but just sitting, no way! So I HAD to drink because the last time I had a sono at the same place I did not drink enough. . .and the tech was not too happy so she made me drink a huge cup of lukewarm, doctors office tap water! GROSS! I was NOT doing that again! So my goal was 2 16.somthing ounce bottles of ice cold bottled water before my appointment. So I played a drinking game. . . .I made myself start drinking at every exit ramp and not stop until I hit the on ramp. This worked great! I downed those bottles of water like I was in a desert or something. Of course that coupled with the fact that I had not eaten anything yet, made me nauseous. . .yippee!

So I get to the sono and do all that fun stuff and when the tech asked me to empty my bladder so she can do the vaginal sonogram (oh what FUN!) I asked for a cup so that I could have a sample for the doctor cause I knew he needed one. She informs me that they don't have them because they don't do labs. Great, now I just hope I will be able to pee in that stupid cup in like 20 minutes after I empty my bladder. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. The tech told me she thought it would be no problem because she could tell I still had water on its way to my bladder. . .

Okay so done with the sono and on to the next set of people who want to poke and prod my nether regions. . .As I drive the 1 and 1/2 miles to the drs office I see a strange site on the side of the road, and not sure whether it is the lack of food and excessive amounts of water I shake my head a bit. Yes, I really do see her! It is Wendy! Or a petite young woman in a red wig and a blue gingham dress who LOOKS LIKE Wendy, holding a "We Serve Breakfast" sign. Weird!

First place I go when I get to the dr is the restroom so I can fill that cup. . .that water went straight through me! No, I mean literally it did. When I went to put the cap on the cup I was shocked! It looked exactly like it did going it. No kidding! I told the lab tech when I gave it to her, I swear I peed in that cup, really!

As I am waiting to have blood drawn, I notice a woman who is obviously about 9 months pregnant waiting as well. As I browsed through a magazine from 4 years ago I could see her trying to get comfortable in those wonderful drs office chairs. Just as she gets comfy and sits back they call her name. She manages to get up and waddles past me. About a minute later she walks past again, this time with a small bottle of the sickly sweet red drink she needs to down for her gestational diabetes test. Just the thought of it brought back memories of the many I had to do during my 5 pregnancies! EWWWW, makes me sick just thinking about it. Of course I am expecting this woman to slowly try to down her drink. Nope, no sooner had she sat down, she got up and said to the nurse. "All Done!" She even sounded like she enjoyed it! I am amazed at this womans capacity for such a disgusting thing. I mean I wanted to give her the high five or something!

More fun as I get pap, pelvic and breast exam! Yippee. As I leave the doctors office I pull into Wendy's and get some breakfast. It was not bad.

During this whole thing I have been fighting the feeling that I have had for the past 2 weeks. . .it goes something like this. . ."you know you want a Coke. Buy a Coke, ice cold you know you want it. . .come on, its been so long. . . blah blah blah". this is annoying because I had kicked the habit until we went on vacation to visit family. Okay driving 1100 miles to see family in a van with 5 kids, a kidney stone, menstrual cramps, a migraine, and being on a diet. I had no chance! So I caved. not too much, just a few while on vacation, mainly while driving and defiantly anytime I knew I was going to see my MIL! But then when I got back I was good, I started going to curves again and stopped getting any Coke. Until last night. . .I bought 2, one for last night and one for today. They were so good. . .so were the 2 I bought today. . .one is still calling me from the fridge. . .

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