Thursday, January 11, 2007

Update. . .long over due

Thanks, Betsy for the reminder. . .it has been too long since I updated my blog.

I am doing laundry for my weekend trip to see my mom. She has 3 brain tumors and is undergoing radiation for them as well as chemo. Her spirits are really good and she says she feels pretty good. I am visiting for a couple of days with out the kiddos. Ralph and them will fend for themselves this weekend.

My kids have gotten over their HATE for me because I gave the kitty away. Smokey certainly had be hooked. Too bad my allergies decided to flare up! I really wanted to keep her, and if you know me at ALL, you know how weird that was! She wrapped me around her paw from the moment she got stuck in the spare tire of my van! We brought her in out of the freezing cold to our kind of cold sun room. The next day the kids convinced me to let her upstairs for a little bit. Then she was up all the time. Before you know it I was buying her presents everytime I went to the store! She would climb on my lap then up my chest and put her head on my shoulder and fall asleep! The kids got over the HATE because the kitten has been given to our friends and neighbors, so pretty much they can see her when they want to. . .and my allergies don't get attacked when I come into my own home.

Been busy doing the PTA stuff and going to Curves and just doing general stuff for the house and kids. Will try to update more later. . .got to finish laundry and make dinner. . .almost forgot about that, the family wants to eat EVERY day now! LOL

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