Saturday, May 12, 2007

Well, 2 of my kiddos have strep. . .again. Came home from a marriage conference last night, after having gotten several calls from one of the sick children, then went out to my local 24 hour CVS. Only to find out that even though I had a prescription filled there that very afternoon, as well as 2 others this week, they no longer participate in our prescription plan. WHAT??? The medicine was not that pricey, only $25, so I just payed it. There were several other people waiting and only one person working and it was after midnight and my husband and I are due back at the conference at 8:30. I will try to figure out the insurance craziness later. So I got the medicine, came home gave it to the child who needed it, checked my email, and went to bed. . .then got up early on a SATURDAY no less! I hate getting up early on a Saturday. It is the ONLY day until summer that I can sleep in.

Our school district finally decided to change the last day of school back from June 5 to the origional date of May 31. I am very happy about that as are my kids. Not much has to be moved around at this point but it will mean a little more stress at the end of the school year though.

Well, time to leave for the conference. . .more about that later. . .

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Queen of Dysfunction said...

I always feel bad for kids when they get sick, but I feel especially bad for the moms! Take care of yourself and I hope you enjoyed the marriage conference at least!