Friday, April 18, 2008

Been a long long long time

When someone asked for my blog address today, I realized that it has been way too long since I updated this! I have been SUPER busy lately. Story of my life I know. Right now I have a son who is home sick with Asmatic Bronchitis who also happens to have a broken leg. His cast comes off on April 30. . .I can't wait and I am sure that he can't either! He is being great about it all, but honestly it makes more work for me and I if I am at the school doing PTA stuff I have to make sure to be home to make his something to eat etc. That is only this week since he has been home sick, normally he is at school and I just need to take him and pick him up.

As always, I have a TON of stuff going on in PTA land. The 3rd and 4th grade breakfast is Monday and I am still calling parents to get them to make things for it and coordinating everyting. A couple of the other kids are not feeling well either, so just seems like I am doing a lot more juggling this week. This next month is going to be SO busy with the breakfast, then RIF, then Grandparents Day, and the carnival, and yearbooks need to come in and be passed out and of course the ever present Trash 2 Cash races. If you do not know what that is, here is a link. We are winding down for the year and still have a TON of items coming in. We have submitted Box Tops for Education several times, but still have to count Campbell's Labels for Education, Tyson Labels, Best Choice and Nestle labels. Makes me tired just thinking of it. Box Tops makes it so EASY to submit items. The other companies have annoying requirements. I think we will be dropping Tyson next year. We do not get enough of them and we need to submit 1000 I think before they will send anything! The kids love it though, and hopefully next year we will have more help so it is not just me and Jana doing it ALL!

Well, off to buy a birthday gift for a party tonight. More updating later. . .

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