Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I have never inhaled. . .

Someone asked the other day why no one cared about Michael Phelps smoking pot. Well, that is an interesting question. I actually do care. Yes, I do care. Everyone says that he is just a kid and it was a mistake. Okay, I get that, really I do. But, lets me serious, not everyone has inhaled. People say that "everyone" has tried drugs or alcohol. Well, I am here to say that is NOT true. I have never ever inhaled or even touched the nasty evil stuff! Drugs are just stupid and there is no redeeming factors about them. . .at all! Alcohol is a different story, since it is legal. I don't have a problem with people who have a drink now or then. I personally just do not drink. I did try one drink on my 21st birthday though. . .just did not like it. Don't like the smell or the taste.


My problem with the Phelps thing is this, he is not a young teenager. He is 23 years old, he is old enough to know better. He knows that he has a TON of kids who look up to him. I think his apology was lame. Dude, you have worked so hard for what you have gotten and you awe gonna throw it away so you can get high!? What the heck were you thinking! Was winning so many gold medals not high enough? Really! Give me a break. Grow up already. I have a feeling Phelps mom kicked his ass when she saw him after she found out though. . .she seems like the type who would do that!


FYI to my kids. I will kick your asses if you EVER try to do the same crap. Just don't even start it. . .EVER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! There is NOTHING COOL at all about it! Find other ways to get your "kicks", please!

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