Tuesday, August 02, 2011

My coupons

I really should be clipping coupons right now. . .but I am avoiding it by blogging about my coupon organizational system, lol! I used to use the binder method, but my pages kept coming out of rings and while it was awesome to be able to flip right to a coupon when I saw something on clearance, it was a pain to clear our expired coupons. So I wanted something different where I could keep all of my coupons with me every time I shop and I went to a box. It is like a shoe box, but it is actually a Tupperware container that was intended for holding pictures. It fits right in the child seat of a grocery cart...unlike my binder which would not always fit in the carts and would slide around and get messed up. So I will see how this one goes for awhile. . .I will let you know! Right now I guess I need to actually clip and file the coupons that I have been printing this week as well as the 6 copies of 4 inserts I have from this past Sunday's paper...

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