Saturday, April 21, 2007

How pathetic am I. . .

What does it say about me when the high point of my day was when I narrowly beat out a fumbling first time dad at the Saturday Clinic by getting my paper work filled out before him. . .even though he came in before me! Lets start at the beginning. . .After going to the Deanna Rose Farmstead for a kindergarten field trip where I chaperoned yesterday and then today I went downtown to pick up over 350 books for RIF. I was home for just about an hour so I downloaded pics from the digital camera of the field trip to the computer then uploaded them to to put in the scrapbook. Got lunch in the oven, ate it really quickly then ran out the door to take the pound cake to the church for the ladies spa afternoon. Pound cake that I bought by the way. After being at the farm all day and on my feet the WHOLE time since Robert's teacher is due to have a baby in 2 weeks and we all tried to make her rest as much as possible. When I got home yesterday and was SO TIRED and still had to make dinner I decided to just make the roast chicken I had gotten out of the freezer before I left and a vegetable to go with it. Only problem was I was out of veggies. . .ugh. Since I did have tomatoes and some of the great mozzarella cheese in olive oil and seasonings I decided that is what we would have with it. Normally we have a starch also but I was too tired to worry about it. Well, all of that boring stuff just to say I was way too tired to make homemade pound cakes so I bought them. So besides all this my son says, in a very crackly voice no less, that his throat is hurting. The only night clinic open was Children's Mercy and if you remember the social worker story. . .you KNOW I am not going there unless one of my kids is dying! So I told him I would wait until today to go.

So I dropped off the store bought pound cakes, came home and picked up Chris and we went to the Saturday clinic at our doctors office. About a 20 minute drive each way. And on a Saturday it normally a HUGE wait! Believe me I have 5 kids, I know about waiting in doctors offices to see doctors. . .and waiting. . .and waiting. . .and well. . .waiting! And having 5 kids who always seem to need stitches or have sore throats or twist something AFTER hours I am familiar with the night and Saturday clinic procedures. So I came in prepared with my insurance card out and ready (even though they have enough copies of it by now to save the rain forest) and my medical credit card in the other. With nimble fingers I wrote down my child's name, DOB, insurance company and reason for visit on the form before the receptionist could even greet me. Just as quick I grabbed a clip board to fill in the form required for Urgent care visits. With amusement I looked over at a man, who was by himself with a tiny baby in an infant seat. He was fumbling with the diaper bag and the clip board, looking for the insurance card presumably. Amateur. . . I sat down just long enough to finish the form and then I was up and handing it to the receptionist before the man even started! I got some kind of perverse pleasure out of knowing that my son would be seen before this poor first time dad. How sat is my life! So about 30 minutes later when with a script in hand for an antibiotic for my sons strep. . .we were on the road.

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