Sunday, August 24, 2008

Life is busy. . .good, but busy

Well tomorrow will be the start of the first full week of school. We are still tying to get into a "groove". The kids are not going to bed on time, which means I do not get to bed ontime. Then of course there was the Olympics and as always. . .WOOT and WOOT-TV!! Last Monday was back to school night and we had a picnic sponsored by PTA where we had 100 pizzas. It was crazy busy, but it seemed to go well. Not this coming week, but the week after on September 4th will be our first PTA meeting. So far we have had a good number of parents volunteer or express interest in joining PTA. . .this is awesome news. Most importantly we had someone say she would take over the newsletter! YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!!

I have been busy with PTA stuff and have also done some stuff on the house, although I have a LOT more to do.

Ralph bought me a laptop, which I am on now! YEAH! How sweet is that! Now I can do what I need to on the go! YEAH!

Well, prob time for me to check the laundry and get ready for bed since I have to be at the school early tomorrow for making copies and helping with speech screenings.

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