Monday, June 07, 2010

Whirlwind couple of months. . .

Over the past couple of months I have been really side-tracked as I focused creating recipes for a cooking contest called The Real Women of Philadelphia sponsored by Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Paula Deen.

The contest was an 8 week long recipe contest where women (hence the name of the contest. . . lol) create recipes and make videos and submit them to the contest. 16 finalist were chosen and at the end of this month 4 finalists will be chosen out of those 16 finalists. There will be a live cooking even broadcast live on the internet where all of the wonderful finalists will be cooking. I really wanted to be one of them. I worked on a lot of recipes and stressed about it and submitted at least one recipe each week.

I have gotten the cooking contest bug. I love creating recipes and I really really love cooking. I would love for this love of cooking that I to translate into a career or maybe a cookbook or something! I did not get chosen as a finalist although I did get some recognition from Ms. Paula herself. . .here is the link! My buddy Jana helped me through the whole process and I am very glad that she stuck by me even when I was cranky!

Jana actually gave me the idea to keep creating recipes, but to blog about them instead of doing the contest thing. So I am thinking about it. Right now I am stuck in Grey's Anatomy world though. . .lol and have almost caught up! Ah. . .got to love summer vacation and no alarm clocks! So I may do more blogging and recipe creations and blogging about recipe creations and maybe even some more how to videos that are not tied down to having to include one thing! In my free time that is. . .ha ha

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