Friday, November 03, 2006

whine whine whine

Still recovering from surgery and am in a BAD mood. Been having migraines since last week, that sucks. Also my dd's sprayed (a LOT) of Febreeze in their room and it is NOT helping. Neither is the fact that my 9 year old just came into the room and told me that her sisters teddy bear hamster is MISSING! My 13 year old apparently did not close the cage well. . .or at all before she went to sleep at her friends house! ACK! We just killed a mouse that had taken up residence in our bedroom a couple of days ago. . .now this rodent is running around. I hate rodents running around. And of course there are plenty of places to hide around here since the kids have not been doing their chores at ALL, on the contrary, they have been making a bigger mess! They were off of school today, which drove me NUTS! I still cant drive so we were all stuck here! Me with a migraine and them making a mess and NOT doing their chores or getting ready for Grandma's visit monday! And of course my husband had to work late, which I understand, but it is still annoying. He is not yet back from taking the oldest dd to her friends house. The youngest boy fell asleep on our bed. Cant move him, heck I cant even move a gallon of milk yet! Would love to sleep in tomorrow but not sure if that will happen. There is a LOT to do tomorrow to get ready for my mom coming monday. I cant make house perfect and she does not expect it, but I am annoyed that my family is not stepping up and helping. I at least need to figure out a comfortable relatively clean place for her to sleep. . .

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