Wednesday, September 27, 2006

exhausted. . .and tired of being behind in everything!

My surgery was 20 days ago and I was doing well, maybe too well! I tried going to Curves again on Monday and then ran errands. Not such a good idea! Curves usually makes me tired. . .by the end of my 30 minute work out, but Monday it made me tired right away. It did not hurt my incisions, just wore me out. I skipped a few machines that might have caused me problems bc of the bending required and the placement of my incisions. One of them is still not closed up properly. I probobly need to go see the doctor about it. But WHICH ONE?? The one who did the surgery, who has awful bedside manner and is a specialist so my copay is double, the new one I am switching to and saw last week, who is awesome, but also a specialist, or my reg. GP who is good, but I fear he will send me to the specialist anyway and I will have wasted my time and my money, neither of which I can do right now. ARGH!

I am going on a field trip tomorrow with my second graders class. Not sure if that was such a bright idea either after the last few days. I keep having pains in my right side, esp when I get up and I am just so worn out still. About all I can manage everyday is to get the kids fed breakfast, dressed, lunches made, and out the door (on time!) for the bus, and then laundry (cause I can sit down and fold it. . .even though that makes me tired too) and the bare minimum in the kitchen. It is very frustrating to me! I have so much I want and need to do. One of my neighbors offered to come over and clean my house on Saturday with some other people from church and frankly I am happy but also stressed. I am embarrassed by my carpet and the mess that has built up over the past few weeks. I hate not being able to do anything about it. . .I mean not like I am the world best house cleaner on a good day. But, my house is really bad. . .and it annoys me! Oh well, I agreed because I know it needs to be done. I have been trying to take care of myself and this is one way that I can do that. But of course this is still really hard for me. I am not good at taking care of myself. So since the surgery I have been trying to take it easy. That is hard for me.

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