Thursday, September 21, 2006

I am finally being heard!

Today started out bad with me waking up not feeling well. Coughing achy and generally blah. My husband blessed me by helping get the kids breakfast before school. Then they left and I sat on couch with some hot cocoa and vegged for awhile before I planned on taking a shower and getting ready for my doctors appointment. So I am sitting on the couch finishing watching the Rachael Ray (which is actually pretty good. . .even though her perky personality does annoy me sometime.)show and one of our city water trucks pulls up and proceeds to shut off our water. Apparently we over looked this bill with the whole surgery and just general life with 5 kiddos. ARGH! So I had to go to the water department and pay them what was due, plus a $35 reconnect fee. . .before I could get a shower etc. They are not very forgiving here in our town when it comes to the water bill. No questions no reminders. . .just OFF. So I had to take a check up there and pay them and then wait for the water to be turned back on so I could tak a shower. Then my husband calls just as I am about to take a shower and asks me to have lunch with him before my appointment. That was very nice. I was happy to be able to spend some alone time with him. So I got a little sidetracked with explaining how crappy (with sprinklings of goodness from my wonderful husband) my morning was and I have not gotten to the whole reason behind the title, I am finally heard!

So I get to the doctors appointment and check in and fill in paper work and pay my copay etc. And a few minutes later they call me up to the front desk and ask if it was alright with me if I saw the nurse practitioner instead of the doctor. The doctor was delivering another patients baby via an unexpected c-section and was out of the office still. I had no problem with this and a few minutes later a nurse took me to an exam room and took my vitals and medical history. Then the nurse practitioner came in and she was wonderful! Her name was Bridget. She actually LISTENED to me for about 30 minutes and made me feel like I was worth "fixing" not just annoying and in her way! She even continued to talk to me and not rush me when the nurse told her the hospital was on hold for her. It is so nice to find someone who actually thinks I might have some insight into my own body and care! FINALLY! I will be switching my GYN care to this office for sure!

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