Sunday, September 10, 2006

I am 33 years old and have 5 children ages, 13,12,10 1/2, 7, and 5. A few years after my last child was born my periods got really really bad. Heavy bleeding, 40 tampons in 3 days, and pain that just kept getting worse every month, the whole bowels issues too (even had a colonoscopy last year). For the little over a year I was on a study med here in the US to control the bleeding but it did not control my pain so I opted out of it to see DR and possibly do a hysterectomy or something to help.Saw doctor in May for my normal (albeit a few months late. . .) yearly well woman exam and talk about options. He found my ovary was enlarged. Sono's scheduled and found ovarian cysts. At my consult with the GYN in June he recommended we do a D & C and Ablation, which was scheduled for September 7. A few weeks later, during my period I had such severe pain I thought I was having TSS. Called dr and he told me to come right in (reg, not gyn) he saw me and sent me right to ER. At the ER, I was told it was a kidney stone, which I have a history of. Was sent home with pain meds for kidney stone and told to see my Urologist after my vacation (the next week) if I did not pass the stone. When I came back from the vacation and had not passed the stone I made and appointment with urologist. That day before I saw him I had another set of abdominal and pelvic sonos and kidney x rays etc. When I saw him he looked at me like I was an idiot for being there. He said it was not a kidney stone that is was GYN related. (Apparently my ER records even said that, even though that is NOT what I was told). So I tried to have my procedure moved up with the GYN, too booked to do it. Every period since May has been extremly painful and has had me in bed and/or the doctors office. Finally had my procedure this past thursday. Dr had to remove my whole left ovary and tube because of the endometriosis and says that he will prob have to do a full hysterectomy when I recover from this surgery. I was not diagnosed with endometriosis until Thursday (that was my first laproscopic procedure). I am not surprised by the diagnosis and am glad that finally I know what it is and I am NOT crazy. I go back to the doctor on Monday to talk to him. Of course I have LOTS of questions for him, I was still out of it and he only talked to husband on Thursday. Surgery ended at noon and we did not leave until 3:30 and I was still pretty groggy!

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