Saturday, September 30, 2006

Random thoughts and updates. . .

Busy week here, as usual. Friday I was wiped out after the field trip, which was fun up until ride home. I sat in the back of the bus to keep the kiddlets under control there. Bad idea! Those buses have NO shocks. . .or at least it feels that way all the way back there! Then I came home and made dinner and went to our communication class. I wanted to get the house in better shape before Karen and Angela came over to clean this morning. .. but that never happened. It was such a HUGE blessing though to come back home and have the living room and kitchen done. I mean DONE! Not just skimmed over, like I have been doing. I have wanted to mop/scrub the kitchen floor for over a month and was just too sick or weak to get to it. I have been spot cleaning with bleach spray, a towel and my foot. Not very effective.

I have the elementary school newsletter to work on. . .only problem is only 2 people have sent me anything for it, and one of them was just for the website, not newsletter bc the event will be done by the time the newsletter come out! ARGH. Now I have to call and or email everyone . . .again to ask for their submissions and get them all done by the Tuesday afternoon meeting. annoying.

I am having a period now. . .well almost. everything but the bleeding. Sucks. Guess the surgery did not help. ARGH! Will call the doctor on Monday and make an appointment. I knew this was a possiblility but it is still very annoying.

My husband and I have been taking a Christian Communication class for a couple of weeks now. Last week we had to pick a non stressful issue each to talk about and practice with in class. He picked his Crown Vic. He bought another former police Crown Victoria at an auction this past spring. The old one is a blue one and other then packing more power then a regular vic, looked like a regular one. We went to the auction in the spring and bought this new one. Nice and white. With a police spotlight as well as police power. The police decals had been removed however the car still had lots of sticker residue on the doors and back panels. When the car was clean this was not an issue. But, when the car is dirty though it looks kind of like the stickers are still on. So for the past several months (okay all summer. . .and most of spring!) my husband has been driving it like this. He has made several attempts to remove the sticker gunk with several rather expensive chemicals with not much luck. Besides the fact that he has a bad back and the bending does not help. So anyway he used this as his "issue" because it bothers him that it is not done yet, and some of the guys at work make funny comments about it when they go out to lunch together. So fast forward to thursday morning. The day of the field trip and our class. I get up at the normal time of 6 am to get oldest out of bed etc and ready for school. As I start to make her sandwich I discover that there is not enough bread left for everyones lunch so I go down to the freezer to get more. none there. . .of course! So I realize I need to go get more from the store. I made my dd's sandwhich and told her I had to go to store so she needed to leave on time etc. Then I tell my sleeping husband where I am going. Anytime I am running around town I use my husbands car, cause it does not cost over $100 to fill up! KWIM??? So here I am, 6:15 in the morning in sweatpants (with no underwear, not that anyone else would know that. . .), a night shirt with no bra covered up by one of my husband flannel shirts, and my crocs. I was planning on taking a shower before I got the other kids up so no point in getting dressed, right? So off to the local Hy-vee I go. Getting my bread, and of course other stuff. A few minutes later I exit the store and in the parking lot I see another white Vic similar to my hubbys parked back in the parking lot facing me. It looks like someone is in the drivers seat, but I think nothing of it, other then the car is just like the one I am driving, you know how you do when you see a car like one you have or have had right? So I open the trunk and start to unload my cart and the other Vic starts to drive away, or so I thought. The car pulls up behind me and I hear the driver saying something. I look back and it is an undercover police man with a K-9 in the back seat. He then proceeds to tell me that it is illeagal for me to be driving a car like that and I could get in trouble for "impersonating a police officer". WHAT!? What idiot would think that this car was a police car. . .still? What police department is so poor that they cant afford to put stickers on its car? So I played the dumb wife card and blamed everything on my husband! I asked the man several times what we could use to remove the stickers, telling him that we had tried like four things, but everytime he just ignored the question. He did however tell me that the licence plate info had been recorded and they would be "out to check" to see if the sticker residue had been removed. This was just a warning, but the next time. . .well he never said but he implied there would be a next time. He even said some stupidity about his dog could even mistake my car for his and that could be bad. Whatever that means. So I was already feeling like crap that morning this is JUST what I needed, right! After I got home I woke up my husband who went outside after he got dressed and removed the words, "police" and "traffic enforcement" from the car. Took him about an hour and of course was not great for his back! There is still some strips on the back panels of the car, but nothing to even remotely resemble a police car, except the one front hub cap that says "call 911". weird, all the other 3 say "FORD", but this one says "call 911". Funny how God always brings issues up when you start to work on them or talk about them.

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