Thursday, March 15, 2007

Baby Maeson born. . .finally

My sister in law Mary Jane gave birth this morning at 10:08 AM Eastern time to a 6 lb 3.2 oz baby boy, named Maeson. He was named after my late mother Mae. All are doing well, although mom is very tired because even though she was induced yesterday, Maeson did not show up until this morning! He also started coming while mom was only 8 cm, which meant the doctor had to dialate her manually. . .OUCH! This is truly a miraculous event. MJ has been had 3 other babies, one died in utero and was still born- he was only a week before his due date. That was very hard on the family. They also have 2 adopted boys. The miraculous thing is that MJ had to use fertility drugs each time she became pregnant. So at over 40 years old it never entered into her mind that she would need to take any kind of birth control. I mean with her severe endometriosis and past inablility to get pregnant without intervention, why would she need birth control right? Well, Maeson was a SURPRISE baby alright. Her youngest is not quite 2 years old and yes, was concieved using fertility drugs. So when they found out she was pregnant it was indeed a surprise!

While we all know that Mom is looking down on us at this time it is very hard for her not to be here at this time. Before she died she told Mary Jane not to worry about Nick, the baby she lost because now she would be in heaven taking care of him. Even on her death bed mom was thinking of others, not herself!

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Queen of Dysfunction said...

Alright, I got teary when you talked about your mom and baby Nick. That's sweet and very comforting.