Sunday, March 18, 2007

Weekend update. . .

Right now I am waiting for my husband to wake up before we meet our friends for dinner. We are going our with out our children, so there will be 16 less of us! YIPPEE!!!! There will only be 10, of us and we are all adults (well, I think we are at least. . .lol). No kids menus today. It has been awhile since we last got together without the kiddos. We actually all just got together 2 weeks ago for our friends 2 adopted childrens Christening. Then we went swimming. Which, of course meant that I had to buy 5 new bathing suits so that we could go! That was fun. Our friends parents are still in town (they live in Miami) so they will be at dinner with us. They are fun, a little hard to understand sometimes, but very nice and fun.

Last night we had our friends and neighbors over, the ones with the 7 boys. We did the whole St Patricks day thing. I made corned beef and cabbage and also decided to put chili in the crock pot too, just in case there was not enough to go around (there were 16 of us last night). Surprisingly the chili was very popular. Everyone loved it! They thought it tasted really good. Good thing I worked really hard to open up the can! (actually it was really hard with my RA, the big Costco sized can did not fit into the electric can opener so I had to do it by hand! ). I will have to get some more of it. It filled up the crock pot and only cost me $6. Cheaper and less mess then making it from scratch! Good to have ready for those nights I am not feeling well.

We did have fun last night. I made my moms famous pecan pound cakes. I added green food coloring to one to make it festive! I am eating a slice now as a matter of fact. The kids played well (mostly) together. After we ate we watched America's Funniest Home Videos from the DVR, then some Hows that Made. It was a big hit, as the friends do not have cable, they only get like 2 channels and they are both "fuzzy". AFV is always good for a laugh.

Earlier in the day my husband and I borrowed a friends truck and picked up some furniture. A new bed. This one is an old water bed frame that has been converted to a regular bed and it has storage underneath. Right now we just have the mattress in our room on the old frame. It is about 6 inches narrower then our old bed though. So it does not quite fit on the box springs we have. . .But hopefully this bed will be more comfortable on hubbys back. I have not had a good track record with beds. Well, I need to go make sure our van is not too messy, since we are driving tonight for 6 of us. Don't want them to be too disgusted!

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